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a portrait of us


I haven’t brushed my hair

It is a snap .

I care about nw fixtures in the hallways.
I’m on my way over .
Head off for the city .

It is a complicated .

in a brassing situation.

I’m the father of the bride .

a public or religious occasion that includes a series of formal or traditional actions

The Republic was proclaimed in public with great ceremony
the wedding will be over .



I have been wresting about the question of …
I have been mean to ask you .
what is going throuth in your heart.
Everything I earn help us towards geting the house we want.
design dress is a carrer,you could establish out of your home.
A little present for max.

appraisal /apreizl/ 评估,鉴定、
persnickety 挑剔的,吹毛求疵的
xml is more persnickety than html .

the mental institutions
something that stimulates you .
Don’t get me wrong . 不要误会我。

I’m actually not a people person.
everything else was very gradual, that just took off.
credit you . 赞扬你。
we went through a lot of pain.
I hate CVS with a passion and something else that was radical.
consequne of your desire
I was the prototypical nerd.
my bigest exceptional quality was that I would not let go.
silicon valley.
that is unheard off.
stubborness 固执的
you should be more aggresive.
some other trait you have.
you are hellish stubborn.
he is offen vilified for bing kind of pedestrian. 被污蔑呆板。
Genius is one percent inspiration and 99% percent of perspiration.
I’m trying to dial it down a bit.
piss you off. 不爽。

housewife campaigns in appliance stores. 家庭主妇活动在大卖场。
in the hotly contested race for one seat on the Riverdale school board.
Appoint you to a special arts committee.
bride 新娘
I will bicycle down to the village and get them.
That is a relief . 安慰
The wedding ceremony will be over. 婚礼庆典。
You really a fabulous designer.

refrigerator 冰箱
I’m heading off to bed.
I will be off to bed myself a minute.
what are you doing up this late.’
things on my mind.
You haven’t been arround much lately.’
nurse 护士
worked with dad towards solve that problem.

mature 成熟
granular 粒状的

I can pay you back out of my lifeguard salary.发了工资就还你。
what is your plane reservation for you flight to Athens.
I’m counting on it .我在期待着。
she is no idea the party is her honor .
I think you might be amused.逗乐
You had it engraved.(刻了字)


we will be camping out in tents .
check the list of things we need for the camping out.(露营)
I can’t rubbing two piece of wood togeter .
This is my idea of heaven.
so soothing 宁静
bottle the sound
Konw all there is to know about care of baby.
Surround yourself with people who repretance what you want.
I want to fix the path hole that is right in front of me.
kind of instinctively.

--Write by Marcustar,关关雎鸠,在河之洲
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